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5 reasons I don't have a cleaning service

I don't have a cleaning service, which is not unusual - most people don't. It's a personal choice, I have no judgment either way and, to be fair, my apartment is far from spotless. But as I was cleaning my office space the other day, I was aware of the reasons why I have chosen not to have someone else clean my apartment. So, for anyone who has pondered whether to invest in a maid service, here are my top 5 reasons for not getting one:

  1. The functional workout of bending, stretching, reaching, pushing and pulling is as good as any fitness class I've ever taken. Use it or lose it truly applies here.

  2. In the spirit of Chop Wood, Carry Water, I find cleaning to be a zen-like practice. It's a perfectly good way to take a break from the computer screen or social media.

  3. Dusting and cleaning helps me be more present to the sh..stuff I've accumulated. Nothing like looking under the bed while vacuuming to discover some long-forgotten items I (still) don't need.

  4. I don't want to second-guess why I can't find something. I have been known to organize things to the point of being unfindable, and I don't want to wonder if someone else is responsible for the missing item.

  5. I could convince myself that I just want to spend my time on other things, but do I really spend it in ways that are so much more beneficial? The answer for me is no. I don't clean everything all at once - I vacuum for 15 min one day, dust another day, straighten up another, etc. It's all part of my "quit looking at it and just do it" approach to cleaning.

So, what does having or not having a cleaning service have to do with anything? As an artist, I'm always looking for ways to generate or refresh my energy. So much of my time is spent either in my head, thinking of new designs, or sitting at my desk producing artwork. Moving energetically, on a daily basis, is essential to maintaining my creative practice.

If you resist leaving the house to go to the gym or walk around the neighborhood, there's a workout waiting for you right in your own home. Quit thinking of it as a pain in the tush and decide it's a great way to knock out two important tasks at once. And, like most exercise, I'm most happy when it's done.

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