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The Best Baking Show

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

I call The Great British Baking Show my anti-depressant of choice. It's such a lovely respite from the depressing reality that life can be, as well as a refreshingly un-American competition style show. I say that because the contestants aren't overly coiffed or made up. Often, they don't have especially straight teeth or bleached, Hollywood smiles. They are gentle, kind to one another, and not prone to boasting about their awesomeness.

So, when a friend told me she was going to keep track of Season 9 as it played out, I thought what a great idea, and why had that not occurred to me during the previous eight seasons? Being an organizational nerd of sorts, I decided to create a fun scoresheet so I could solve dilemmas like "Wait, who won the technical challenge last week?".

What surprised me, after keeping score for the first three episodes, was how much easier it is to predict the outcome when you actually keep track of all three bakes in each episode. Ultimately, keeping a scoresheet just gives me another layer of immersion in this warm and fuzzy, oh so interesting diversion.

The only thing I think I'll add to my next scoresheet is a place to jot down the wonderful, totally British, phrases, like "I'm proper chuffed", and "It's a bit of a faff". So much more interesting than "Awesome!".

Note: To get your free scoresheet, just sign up for my email list (at the bottom of each website page), and you'll get a link to the pdf file, including an instruction sheet.

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